For greater benefits.   these medications work by slowing the growth of skin cells, preventing skin from swelling and interrupting the body’s attack on itself.   oral retinoids are safe for long-term use and are often prescribed as maintenance therapy.   when combined with other agents, they work synergistically, enabling the use of lower doses of each drug. viagra or viagra safer   drug interactions are possible with other psoriasis medications—such as cyclosporine—and people must avoid supplements that contain vitamin a to prevent overdose.   common side effects—such as dry eye, mouth or nose dryness, nosebleeds, dry skin, swollen or cracked lips, brittle nails, hair loss, nausea, stomach ache, muscle or joint pain, pins-and-needle sensations and itchy, burning, or sticky skin—occur in almost everyone who takes an oral retinoid. order viagra online A less common side effect is a skin plaque that looks like unstable psoriasis. buy generic viagra   oral retinoids must not be used in women of childbearing age unless they use a reliable form of contraception. viagra for sale Because the drug persists for long periods in the body, women should avoid becoming pregnant while taking acitretin and for a full three years after they have stopped taking it. cheap viagra free shipping Women who are nursing also should not take acitretin.   routine blood tests are used to monitor cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as liver and kidney function. cheap viagra online pharmacy   biologics biological response modifiers, more commonly referred to as biologics, are the latest entry into the therapeutic arsenal of treating psoriasis and are considered a highly effective treatment option for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. viagra y jet lag   biologics have up to now mainly been used by people who cannot use other treatments or whose psoriasis does not improve with other types of therapy. However, the cspa is to the provinces to allow dermatologists to decide when and if a biologic agent is a preferred first approach for a given patient.   biologics are either similar to or the same as proteins in the body’s immune system. They block interactions between certain immune-system cells that prevent the immune system from causing skin inflammation. However, this activity weakens the ability to fight infections. For that reason, before starting biologic therapy, people usually have standard vaccinations for flu, hepatitis a and b, pneumonia, tetanus, diptheria and other infectious diseases. generic viagra canada   before treatment begins, people generally have routine tests to detect liver problems, hepatit. generic viagra online

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