Ites, no hypervascularity there was polyp seen in urinary bladder in the right margin of the fundus posteriorly measuring 9*5 mm with lobulated outline and no hyper vascularity........ how long after taking viagra can you take nitroglycerin There is no evidence of ascites....... View answer »   had transvaginal scan, fundal polyp seen. Suggested for saline infusion sonography. Not able to diagnosed as endometrial polyp or polypoidal endometrium hi , i had a transvaginal scan and it showed a query fundal polyp measuring 8x5 mm. age to use viagra My doctor asked for a saline infusion sonography and that too showed a doubtful polyp of the same measurement. The doctor says they are unable to tell me if its an endometrial polyp or just a polypoidal... View answer » i am taking hyponid tablets after removal of polyp. When can i conceive? vente du viagra au canada I have been ttc for the last six years with no success, three months ago i did ultrasound scan of the pelvic and shown a polyp in the uterus and thick uterine linings. viagra women libido The doctor removed the polyp and recommended hyponidd tablets for between three to view answer »   is novelon right for uterus cyst? Is there any problem using novelon for cyst in uterus view answers (2) » i have polyp in uterus, please guide hi, i am 26 years old unmarried. I have polyp in uterus of size 44x31mm which cause irregular bleeding. I want to remove it with the help of the medicine only? viagra for sale Please guide. View answer »   how to diagnose uterus problem? I have uterus problem which medicine will i use view answer »   uterine polyps, abcess near left fallopian tube, tb in fallopian tube, pregnancy possible? I am 27 year old. After trying for 1 and half year we went to a gynocologist. She did a ultrasound and able to see some polyp in my uterus. She also dignosed some abcess near or around my left fallopian tube. generic viagra no rx Then she referred me a hsg test. My both fallopian tubes are open, then she said tb in... View answer »   uterus problem and lower back pain how is lower back pain and problem in the uterus related? View answers (3) » read more public forum questions premium questions 60761. Jpg   abdominal scan found polyps in gall bladder, digestive problems after eating spicy foods. How are these polyps developed? Hello doctor, i did a abdomen scan and found there are few polyps present in the gall bladder. generic viagra canada I have digestive problems always.. If i take spicy foods. generic viagra without prescription I avoid oily ans spicy foods and taking easily digestive foods.... View answer » 179_2004625717. Jpg   abdominal pain, ultrasound shows gall bladder polyps and sludge. What is to be done? Hello doctor, am 32 years of age, 3 days back i had abdomen pain ultrasound report says gallbladder polyps and sludge. Gall bladder : normally distended. viagra samples No gall stone. Polyps are seen ,larger ones measuring 5mm and... View answer » 62451. Jpg   polyp in gall bladder. Bloating, chest pain, disturbed sleep, slurred speech. uk viagra sales Does polyp cause these symptoms? bathtub in viagra commercial Hi doctor i have polyp around 5mm in my galbladder for last three years and is not increasing.

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