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Under The Stars
words and music by Lisa Derosia

Out under the stars tonight
Tonight under the stars
We see so little but what we imagine to be here
In these late hours

If all that I ever had was a minute left (here) in your arms
Staring up at this pearly sky
I’d gladly yield the sun

Love is just a shadow that I offer
A way to make you see (your just like me)
We need the night to close us in
Because we’re not from around here

All the birds off in the trees fold their wings
And fall asleep
And just for now we close our eyes and breath immortality

To hell with tomorrow
And all that it denies
we have the night to close us in
because we’re not from around here

when twilight ends adjust our sight
walk straight into the darkest night

out under the stars tonight
tonight under the stars
I wish I could find a way to keep you under the stars