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This Town
words and music by Lisa Derosia

I've been waiting up all night
For a friend of mine to come around.
Feel lonely but that's alright.
It takes more than that to bring me down.

I always thought this was a first class city
But that's only if you're from out of town.

There's not much left to this fight.
Even winners they can't quite,
Take a walk in the spotlight.
And it took me all this time
to figure it out.

Why'd I spend the last ten years
lyin' to myself in smoky bars?
When all I seem to have wound up with
is an empty bed and a glass heart.

There always seems to be something missing
That a little indiscretion can cure.

But now my passion's on overtime.
My ambition runs in half time.
Why does it have to rhyme?
And it took me all this time
to figure it out.

I don't need you to hold the light up to my faults.
I need someone to love the part of me
I can't stand anymore.

When I tried to walk away
I never thought that I would fall.

And I don't want to tell you
My dreams. I know they would kill you.
Will you miss me when I'm gone?
And it took you all this time
to figure it out.