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Coyote Lullaby
words and music by Lisa Derosia

Annie rides through the teeth of the wind
until makes her cry
I can still bear the weight of this land

Her voice raw like dirt
From the worry and the work
And the years that she pressed on so blind

But that’s all little annie knows
To ride on through the dust and sage
That’s all little annie wants
To ride on till her last dying day

The earth cold and cracked
storm pushing off her back
but her horse is still sure on the trail

But the winter won’t last
soon she’ll cross that desert pass
singing low to the herd in her stay

When you are a child
Of the western prairie
Your hands get rough
And your heart gets lonely
When the coyotes cry
Is your lullaby

The life is too real
Still there’s something she conceals
The ground drinks her tears where she lies

Would she dare wish for love
On the northern lights above
Or just ride on alone till she dies