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Cowboys and Clowns
words and music by Lisa Derosia

Put your hands on the table.
Put your heart in my hands.
It takes time to tell this fable.
Takes blind luck to turn a man.

He walked like a cowboy.
Rode me like a horse.
Pulled me down like a painted clown.
I fell for him of course.

And the wind tells me nothing
On a long slow night such as this.
Dim the lights.
I'll take a drink of what you offer me
But my thirst will not be quenched.

I wander every night alone
Unconsoled by the phone
And I wonder where you've been

I sit and listen to the old records we used to play
My mind's been dulled by boredom
And my will has been worn away.

And I say it's fine for you
you are a fetching young lad.
But a woman like me,
I have been branded as bad.

And the wind tells me nothing
on a long slow night such as this